15 best movies released by Netflix in 2022, ranked by audience

15 best movies released by Netflix in 2022, ranked by audience

When I was a teenager, watching a movie required a DVD player and renting some media from the video store. If you had more internet skills and didn’t mind breaking some laws, you’d download some titles and subtitles and watch on your computer. I used to get a student card to be able to go to the movies paying half the fee, since it was always kind of expensive to see on the big screen. But with the arrival of streaming, cinema has moved into the living room. It became possible to watch releases and premieres on television. Productions from foreign countries, not just Hollywood productions, invaded our homes and entire families were able to watch several movies for the price of a single ticket (or even less) per month. In other words, streaming has made cinema accessible and democratic and this is very important. It’s a cultural revolution. In this list, we list the audience’s favorite movies, included in the Netflix catalog in 2022. As you can see, many of them are not Hollywood. Highlights for “A Caminho do Verão”, by Sofia Alvarez; “Beast of the Sea” by Chris Williams; and “Hidden Agent” by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. The titles available on Netflix are organized according to the year of release and do not follow classification criteria.

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