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After losing 2-0 away from home to CRB this Saturday, for Série B, Grêmio returned to Porto Alegre and won the Sunday off. The work week restarts on Monday with a view to Cruzeiro, Sunday, 4 pm, at the Arena. Check out a Grêmio news bulletin that hit today (08/14):

Sincerity of Denis Abrahão

In a press conference shortly after the defeat at the Rei Pelé Stadium, football vice-president Denis Abrahão was sincere when talking about the quality of the Grêmio team:

“It was an unusual game. We didn’t have the quality or creativity to break the assembled structure. Today (Saturday) it was the night of no. But we know that the championship would present difficulties. Serie B is like that. There is no scorched earth. We don’t have an exceptional team. Perhaps this defeat was very good and at the opportune moment”, he evaluated.

Short answer from Geromel

Author of the loss of the ball and after the penalty in the second goal of CRB, Geromel, who was yellow and suspended, did not want much post-game chat when asked about the bid by reporter Rodrigo Oliveira, from Rádio Gaúcha: “It was a penalty. The ball hit my hand,” he summarized.

Gremio’s center back set

Without Geromel to face the leader Cruzeiro, the coach Roger Machado practically banked that the defense will have Bruno Alves and the young Natã:

“I think Nathan is ready. I have no doubts about putting it on the field. About lack of position, we work with a tight account. Kannemann came back, then felt again. Natã did well in the matches he had. It is time to instill confidence in the athletes. To take away trust, there are already a lot of people. I can imagine other solutions, but I’m not in the habit of improvising”, explained the technician at a press conference.

Post by Lucas Leiva

Once again in Roger’s team, Lucas Leiva made a brief post this Sunday regretting the result in Maceió:

“Tough defeat yesterday!! We have the whole week of work to improve and get back to winning ways on Sunday.
Happy Father’s Day everyone,” he posted.

Word from the President of the Guild

Also this Sunday, President Romildo Bolzan gave an interview to Rádio Guaíba and said what he thought of the game lost to CRB:

“Nothing happened. Gremio did not play well. Didn’t play good football. Yesterday I don’t know if it was the 5-1 atmosphere. I think there was a reality check. So we don’t think we’re already in Serie A next year”, he quoted.

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