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Android 13 was released this Monday (15) worldwide. At this first moment, only Pixel phones will receive the Google update, but over the next few months, the new version of the operating system should reach smartphones from brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and others. The update has new features in the appearance of the interface, more privacy in apps and other relevant settings, such as using a different language for each app.

One of the main novelties of Android 13 is the new appearance settings of the operating system, which now allows you to leave the entire screen – including app icons – in the same color pattern. Thus, it is possible to leave the Twitter icon orange, if that is the predominant color in your interface.

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How to know how many updates your phone will receive? See the TechTudo Forum.

Other important new features in Android 13 are related to user privacy. In the new operating system, it will be possible – as in the iPhone – to select which photos and videos each application has access to, as well as specify which programs can or cannot send you notifications. In addition, the novelty that limits access to media also impacts access to the clipboard. So, if you copy sensitive data such as mobile number and addresses, Android will automatically clear this history within a predetermined period of time.

The Google Chrome media player, the system’s native browser, also got a makeover in Android 13. Now, it will highlight the album cover in question, in addition to having a different advance bar, in waveform. In addition, the operating system will also feature Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio, which reduces the delay in normal bluetooth playbacks.

Finally, another interesting feature of the new operating system is the possibility to use a different language in each application. So, if your cell phone is in Portuguese, but you want to use Instagram in English, for example, you can do that. Check out the main news of Android 13 here.

Which phones will update to Android 13?

Android 13 is officially released this Monday (15); know everything — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

It is not yet known for sure which phones will receive Android 13, but the new operating system is expected in several famous smartphone brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi. At this first moment, Google Pixel models from the Pixel 4 are the only ones that will update.

However, over the next few months, phones like Asus ZenFone 8, Motorola Edge 30, Galaxy S22 and others should receive the update. In this list here, check out all the smartphones that are slated to update to Android 13.

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