Atlético-MG president talks about Vargas after expulsion and fine: “We can’t crucify” | athletic-mg

The president of Galo, Sérgio Coelho, reinforced the importance that shirt 10 has within the formatting of the squad. And that it is not the correct role of Atlético’s management to remove the player from the work group because of the mistake made at Allianz Parque.

Vargas was fined his salary and received warnings from the football management for his lack of discipline. Rodrigo Caetano had already spoken about the matter last Thursday. The player was cut against Coxa, but should be integrated to the related on Saturday, when Galo receives Goiás. Sérgio Coelho, despite leaving the matter to the football director, gave his view of the situation:

– This matter I leave to our director Rodrigo Caetano. But Vargas is a great athlete, great player, he helped us a lot last year. National team player and deserves our respect. We cannot sacrifice people. We can make some decisions regarding discipline, talk. But it’s not taking an athlete of that level, the human being, and wanting to take him down, end his career and expose. We don’t do that here. We have to have respect for people. And Vargas is that – he added.

Eduardo Vargas received the second yellow card when he challenged the referee Wilmar Roldán in the final minutes of Palmeiras 0x0 Atlético, when he complained about an unmarked foul on himself, which generated a counterattack by the opponent. The striker would be one of the penalty takers in the normal post-time dispute. At the lime mark, Galo lost by 6 to 5, when Rubens missed the alternating kick.

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