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The consulting firm Shanghai Ranking, from China, released on Monday (15) the list of the 1,000 best universities in the world in 2022. The selection includes 21 Brazilian teaching and research institutions, but none of them is among the top 100.

According to the survey, the best Brazilian universities are all public.

It is worth noting that the work of the Shanghai Ranking defines the exact position of the first 100 universities that make up the list.

From there, institutions are grouped by tens or hundreds, without determining the order between them — that’s why Brazilian institutions are ranked between 100 and 150 or 701 to 800, as you can see in the following table.

The best universities in Brazil

Institution Position in the world ranking
USP 101 to 150
Unicamp 301 to 400
UFMG 401 to 500
UFRJ 401 to 500
UFRGS 401 to 500
Unesp 401 to 500
UFPR 601 to 700
UFSCar 601 to 700
Unifesp 601 to 700
UFV 601 to 700
UFSC 701 to 800
UFF 701 to 800
UnB 701 to 800
UFC 801 to 900
UFPE 801 to 900
UFSM 801 to 900
UFPel 801 to 900
UFBA 901 to 1,000
UFG 901 to 1,000
UFRN 901 to 1,000
UFMS 901 to 1,000

After the hundredth place, the ranking does not stipulate the exact position of each institution. That’s why they appear grouped in the tens or hundreds place.

The group of the 15 best universities in the world is composed exclusively of teaching and research centers located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The best universities in the world

Institution Country
Harvard University USA
Stanford University USA
Cambridge University UK
Un. from California at Berkeley USA
Princeton University USA
Oxford University UK
columbia university USA
Caltech USA
University of Chicago USA
Yale University USA
Cornell University USA
Un. From California to LA USA
Johns Hopkins University USA
University of Pennsylvania USA

In continental Europe, the best-placed centers are Paris-Saclay University (16th) in France and ETH Zurich (20th) in Switzerland.

In Asia, the best institutions, according to the ranking, are the University of Tokyo (24th), in Japan, and Tsinghua University (26th), in China. In Oceania, the highlight goes to the University of Melbourne (32nd), in Australia.

In Africa, the University of Cape Town in South Africa appears between positions 201 and 300.

The survey carried out every year by the Shanghai Ranking has taken place since 2003 and takes into account criteria such as the number of students and professors who have won Nobel Prizes and Field Medals, researchers with recent reference works in their area of ​​expertise and research published by representatives of the institutions. in high-impact journals such as Nature and Science.

Reference in some disciplines and in the region

The recently published ranking also analyzes the performance of institutions in different areas of knowledge.

They are divided into five main categories: natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry…), engineering (mechanics, telecommunications, water resources…), life sciences (agriculture, veterinary, biology…), medical sciences (medicine, public health, dentistry…) and social sciences (economics, law, administration…).

Of the 54 areas analyzed, Brazil has universities that are part of the world’s top 50 in six of them.

In what areas do Brazilian universities stand out?
Of the 54 fields of knowledge evaluated, Brazil has representatives in the world’s top 50 in six of them:

subject Institution Position in the world ranking
food technology Unicamp 14
Dentistry USP 15
food technology USP 16
agricultural sciences USP 18
Marine or ocean engineering UFRJ 28
Veterinary USP 31
Veterinary Unesp 37
Dentistry Unicamp 42
Math USP 45

In Latin America, Brazil is the country with the highest number of teaching and research institutions in the ranking. Then come Chile (with 4 representatives), Mexico (4), Argentina (2) and Colombia (2). Other nations in the region did not have representatives among the first thousand universities.

Among the members of the Brics, an economic bloc that brings together emerging countries, Brazil is well behind China, which has 186 institutions in the ranking of the first thousand, but surpasses India (14), Russia (10) and South Africa (9) .

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