Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Convicted of Stalking Rolling Stone

Jason Alexander, ex-husband of Britney Spears was convicted of breaking into the singer’s home on her wedding day and stalking. spears married Sam Asghari at his home in Thousand Oaks, California on June 9. The wedding guests included Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Alexander, was married for less than three days to the singer in 2004 and showed up at her wedding uninvited, went to her bedroom door spears as she prepared for the wedding. During the ceremony, he refused to leave the property and fought with a security guard in addition to damaging a door to the house (via The Guardian).

A judge ordered a protective order forbidding him to come within 100 meters of spears or security and sentenced him to 64 days in prison.

Britney and family issues

Britney Spears shared an emotional text on his Instagram this Wednesday, 10, about his children. Sean Preston of 16 and Jayden, 15, said they no longer want to see her.

On your Instagram, spears she says that the boys visited her a few times, but they locked themselves in their room and became increasingly distant.

“…can’t process how I dedicated 20 years of my life to these kids. It was all about them! For them to take my breath away… No therapy or sense of worship can fix my heart! I’ll be traumatized forever and I I know that, I accepted…”

The singer still thinks it’s all a conspiracy to get her psychologically altered, accusing the father of her children.

the ex-husband of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline stated that the singer’s children do not want to see her. Sean Preston of 16 and Jayden15, did not attend the singer’s wedding with Sam Asghari in June this year.

“[Os meninos] They were happy for her, but they decided that since they can’t see her now, they decided not to go to the wedding,” he said. Federline. He added that the boys made the decision after she posted scantily clad photos on Instagram (via Daily Mail).

+++READ MORE: Britney Spears’ father wants the singer to return to court to testify about guardianship

Britney she was under her father’s guardianship for 13 years of her life, which prevented her from living normally with her children. In November 2021 the judge Brenda Penny put an end to her father’s control over the singer’s life, career and finances. Since then, Britney reappeared in the media.

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