Can taking out the cell phone before charging 100% damage it? On the contrary!

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It is very common to hear several tips regarding the care we should take with our smartphones. In general, some of them may have no value and end up getting in the way of their uses, but others can really be very valid and increase the life of the device.

Among the controversial guidelines, the take out the cell phone before charging 100% of the battery is what raises the most doubts. Check below if you can unplug it without fear.

Cell phone and lifespan: can removing the cell phone before 100% damage it?

First of all, it is important to understand that just like any object, the cell phone has a useful life. Therefore, as it is being used, it will decrease and it is no different when we talk about the battery. That’s because every time we carry out charges from 0% to 100%, its lifetime is also reduced.

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Of course, this is a very slow process, so you can charge your smartphone without any fear. In fact, among experts, this process is known as a cycle, where each load from zero to one hundred represents one of these. For this reason, there are some doubts about how much unplugging the cell phone before it reaches full charge can harm it.

Manufacturers and specialist repair shops for these devices make it clear that there is nothing wrong with unplugging them from the cable before it reaches 100%. Quite the opposite!

The recommendation for charging your cell phone is to avoid waiting for it to reach 100%, to maintain battery integrity for longer. Then the ideal is to avoid extremes: do not let it reach 0% and, whenever possible, unplug your device from the socket before reaching 100%.

Even some cell phones have a battery protection setting, which limits the maximum charge to 85% precisely to prolong its useful life.

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How to charge your cell phone correctly

To get started, you must use an original, good quality charger. After all, he will be responsible for keeping your battery up to date. However, in case of emergencies there is no problem using third parties.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you keep your charge between 15% and 85%. Therefore, never let the load reach 0%. Finally, one more recommendation is that you do not use your phone while it is charging, as this can be one of the most harmful habits for your health.

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