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The cell phone is no longer just a simple device to become an extension of the human body. With it, we can perform mathematical calculations, organize the work schedule, encourage the practice of physical activity, talk to other people at a distance, in addition to, of course, know the location of a contact without much effort.

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It is common for parents to worry about their children and want to know at all times if they are safe. In romantic relationships, the situation is also not rare, and the partner may show curiosity to discover the steps of the loved one.

Can you track a person on WhatsApp?

The answer is yes. It is possible to know the steps of a person using the messenger, without having to install additional software. Just have an internet connection, both for those who will follow the geolocation and in the case of those who will be “tracked”, in addition to the GPS signal working.

If any of these steps are not followed to the letter, it will not be possible to know where a person is through WhatsApp. But if they are already activated and operating correctly, then the next step is possible. See below!

How to track a person on WhatsApp

Nowadays, WhatsApp is becoming more and more present in people’s daily lives. Regarding the possibility of knowing someone’s steps using the application, tracking is allowed for the following periods: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

Another option is real-time location, which is even more accurate as it shows the person moving in the form of a point on the map. Check out how the process of how to find a person’s location by whatsapp.

android cell phones

  1. Access the conversation with whom you want to share your location;
  2. Once that’s done, tap on the paperclip icon;
  3. Then click on “Location” and then select “Real-time location”.
  4. Proceed and go to “Continue” and set the sharing time. Click on the green arrow button that will allow you to share where you are;
  5. The location is displayed in the chat in frame format. To follow, just open the map and click on the option “View location in real time”.

iOS cell phones

  1. Access the conversation with the contact you want to share your location;
  2. Then click on the “+”;
  3. Then tap on “Location”;
  4. Finally, enter the time (15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours) you want to keep the information available. Send the message by clicking the arrow.

It is important to highlight that the use of the resources aims at security and the ease of meeting between contacts. For this, the person must accept to be accompanied and send their location during the conversation.

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