Claro will have 5G signal in 15 neighborhoods of Salvador from Tuesday; check out

As of Tuesday (16), Salvadorans who use Claro’s chip will have access to 5G internet in 15 districts of the Bahian capital. The operator has the structure ready to activate the 5G network as soon as the release of Anatel and Gaispi occurs, scheduled for Tuesday, at a time not yet announced.

Initially, the signal will be available in the neighborhoods of Barra, Caminho das Árvores, Campo Grande, Canela, Candeal, Chame-Chame, Federação, Graça, Horto Florestal, Itaigara, Jardim Apipema, Ondina, Parque Bela Vista, Pituba and Politeama. According to the regional director of Claro in Bahia and Sergipe, Marco Aurélio Alves, priority is given to areas with greater population density and greater access to data. “The user must first have 5G equipment,” he says.

To be able to activate the connection, the person’s mobile device must be compatible with the network. Also according to Marco Aurélio, 5G-compatible devices already represent 70% of Claro’s sales in Brazil, with a total of 2 million devices. Already the base of devices with 5G is about 20%.

How to access

For Claro users who have a device compatible with 5G, it will not be necessary to make any adaptation to access the network and have a greater speed in navigation. The internet should be 6 times faster than 4G, according to the operator, without adding costs or changes in pre- and post-paid plans so far.

The initial expectation is that the speed range reaches up to 1 gig per second, with an average between 600 mb per second and 800 mb per second. 4G averages 60mb per second and 80mb per second.

Those who don’t have the device, however, don’t have to worry about buying a new one. 4G and 5G will live together and the change will be gradual. “The trend is how it went from 3G to 4G. Very soon, 100% of the devices will be 5G. The devices have already been launched with very aggressive offers”, says Claro’s sales director in Bahia. According to him, the most affordable price of a device enabled for the new network at Claro is R$ 1299.

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