Court sentences to ten years accused of controlling PCC network

The Justice sentenced Carla Luy Riciotti Lima, 33, to ten years and three months in prison for the crimes of association with a criminal organization and money laundering. She was accused of controlling a closed communication network used by the main leaders of the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital).

In the same process, Gratuliano de Sousa Lira, 46, was also convicted of the same crimes. His sentence was 11 years and 11 months. According to the MP-SP (Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo), the defendant was responsible for managing the amounts related to the faction’s drug trafficking.

The decision is by Judge Thiago Baldani Gomes De Filippo, of the 1st Court of Tax Crimes, Criminal Organization and Laundering of Goods and Values ​​of the Capital and was announced on the 10th.

The column was unable to contact Carla and Gratuliano’s lawyers over the weekend, but will publish the defenders’ version as soon as there is a demonstration.

Both were denounced to justice with 18 other defendants. All were investigated in Operation Shark, which took place on September 14, 2020, and accused of moving, together, BRL 1.2 billion from the PCC in the period from January 2018 to July 2019.

The investigations by Gaeco (Special Action and Combating Organized Crime Group), subordinated to the MP-SP, began in August 2018, when Robson Sampaio de Lima, known as Tubarão, was arrested. His nickname gave rise to the name Operation Shark.

With Robson, notebooks, cell phones and several spreadsheets were seized. The material was examined and detailed the PCC’s billionaire accounting. The scheme even had money changers. Gaeco found that the money was raised specifically from drug trafficking.

According to prosecutors from Gaeco, Robson commanded the PCC’s financial sector and was Carla’s boss. She was accused of acquiring, configuring and distributing cell phone devices to top PCC leaders on the streets.

Nicknames with country names

The equipment was paid for with PCC resources. Leaders exchanged messages and spoke to each other in a closed communication network. They used nicknames with country names. Robson was called Germany and Carla was called Chechnya.

In the sentence of conviction, Judge Thiago Filippo mentions that Carla “was responsible for the mass acquisition of cell phones and chips; enabling the devices and installing the messaging applications, including recording specific contacts”.

Gratuliano was treated like Spain. The magistrate emphasizes in the conviction that the defendant took care of the storage of drugs and trafficking values, using rented properties and used by the organization as safe houses, used to hide money and narcotics.

In the magistrate’s understanding, Carla and Gratuliano “integrated the criminal association and helped the PCC in the practice of money laundering, hiding and disguising values ​​from criminal offenses”.

The lawsuits against the 20 denounced by the MP-SP in Operation Sharks were dismembered. Six of them were acquitted of the charges by Judge Thiago Filippo. The other defendants await trial. Some are in prison and others are on the run.

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