Cruzeiro has an 87.6% chance of a title in Serie B; access is close

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Cruzeiro is close to the two main goals of the year: access and Serie B title

Cruzeiro counts down the days to return to Serie A from the Brazilian Championship. And access can be crowned with this year’s Series B title. According to the Department of Mathematics at UFMG, the Fox has an 87.6% chance of lifting the cup.

Cruzeiro is the isolated leader of the competition, with 53 points in 24 games. The celestial club has ten more than Bahia and Grmio. See title odds below.

  • 1st – Cruise – 87.6%
  • 2nd – Guild – 6%
  • 3rd – Bahia – 4.4%
  • 4th – Vasco – 1.9%

Also according to the institute, the score that definitively guarantees the title is 83. However, the team that reaches 75 will have a more than 98% chance of lifting the cup.

fight for access

Cruzeiro’s first objective, however, is to guarantee access. According to the Department of Mathematics, Cruzeiro has a 99.96% chance of moving up Serie A. See the odds for the top contenders below.

  • 1st – Cruise – 99.96%
  • 2nd – Guild – 88.83%
  • 3rd – Bahia – 86%
  • 4th – Vasco – 70.2%
  • 5th – Sampaio Corra – 16.7%
  • 6th – Londrina – 9.7%
  • 7th – Tombense – 7.7%
  • 8th – Sport – 7.1%

For the department, to definitively guarantee access, Cruzeiro needs to reach 68 points. But with 63, the team has a 99.6% chance of moving up.

In this way, there are only ten points left for Raposa to reach the goal and finally return to the elite of Brazilian football.

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