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“When you’re winning, everything you do is perfect, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful. If you go to the locker room at penalty kicks, listen to music and win, it becomes fashionable.”

“What if you lost?”

“When you land six times in the same corner and win, it’s cool. Do you remember the Wall, which fell six times and lost? What happened?”

“When you have two players sent off, nothing happens, because the head is cool. But they weren’t cool headed. They could have broken a player of ours.”

“If defeat comes for them in this game, you (journalists) were demanding the two expulsions, the goalkeeper’s six drops in the same corner, the coach who didn’t stay for penalties, etc. But when you win, everything is perfect.”

“Congratulations to Abel, congratulations to Palmeiras.”

“Good luck. Done.”

Cuca’s statements, yesterday, after the hard-fought victory Atletico Mineiro in front of coritibaarrived at palm trees with irony. And that goes far beyond the mere answer to Abel Ferreira, given in the early hours of Thursday, showing how Cuca should have acted tactically to take advantage of having two more players. It didn’t and Atlético Mineiro lost the spot for the Libertadores semifinal.

The answer, given three days later, to important members of Leila Pereira’s board, is not only linked to elimination.

It’s much deeper.

Cuca is openly a candidate to succeed Tite.

There is no one among the coaches, born in the country, who would have more chances than he. 2013 Libertadores Champion, two Brazilian Championships, one Copa do Brasil, five State Championships.

He is the current Brazilian and Copa do Brasil champion.

But if CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues decides to put xenophobia aside and hire a foreigner, Abel Ferreira’s chances grow a lot. He is the current two-time champion of Libertadores, from São Paulo, in addition to having won the 2020 Copa do Brasil and the Recopa Sul-Americana.

Cuca knows very well that the Portuguese has become a great rival for the spot.

Asked if he wants to coach the Brazilian team, Abel Ferreira showed pride at the question, on TV Cultura’s Roda Viva program. He shied away from the direct answer, but made it clear that if the invitation comes along, he’s inclined to accept.

“I live now. I don’t make plans. The question is pertinent (because of the titles, the important moment of Palmeiras). But I already coach a green club. I prefer to live now.”

Straightforward as it is, if he didn’t want to work in the position, he would have already nipped the idea in the bud.

What happens is that his journey at Palmeiras is getting too big and will have weight in the choice of Tite’s replacement, who will not be in charge of the Brazilian team after the World Cup.

Tite has already positioned himself clearly.

He doesn’t want a coach from abroad taking over the national team.

He believes that it is a privilege of Brazilians.

He spoke to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

He was asked if he would defend a Brazilian in charge of the selection.

“I don’t have that right (to choose a successor). But I do. Although I respect everyone.”

Abel Ferreira beat Cuca in the 2020 Libertadores final. In the 2021 Libertadores semifinal. And in the 2022 Libertadores quarterfinals.

Cuca had left Atlético Mineiro at the end of last year. He had family issues, which were resolved. And he was ready to work. His manager, Eduardo Uram, received proposals from Corinthians, Fluminense, Grêmio, Internacional and to managers of these clubs he made it clear that he intended not to work in 2022.

It would even be important to protect himself in the fight to assume his dream, the Brazilian team.

But he could not resist an excellent financial proposal and the chance to command Atlético Mineiro.

And he bet too high.

That he would win the Libertadores and would be unbeatable in the preference as a substitute for Tite.


And now there’s only the Brazilian, with the team in seventh place, 13 points away from the leader team led by Abel Ferreira.

Cuca’s answer was seen by Palmeiras leaders as mere concern, for having a great rival in the dispute for Tite’s place.

And that has only one flaw.

In the view of the important men who support Ednaldo Rodrigues in command of the CBF.

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