Datena catches reporter using his cell phone live and explodes in scolding: “Suspension”

Live, José Luiz Datena catches reporter using his cell phone during Brasil Urgente and is severe when he scolds the news

José Luiz Datena did not remain silent when he came across one of his reporters using his cell phone live during Brasil Urgente. When starting the news on Monday afternoon (15), the veteran was taken by surprise as he greeted his professional colleagues.

“Oh Marcelo, stop fiddling with the phone, you are on the screen!”, asked the presenter. Then, the Band contractor stressed that the boy’s thoughtless act could bring him negative consequences within the channel.

“Please stop touching your phone! Stop texting or you’ll get two and a half seconds of suspension, three seconds!”, said Datena. Minutes later, when he called the reporter again, the famous man still joked about the situation, taking away a few seconds of speech.

“Look, two and a half seconds from now Marcelo doesn’t speak, one, two, and a half! You can talk now, you’re free. You can’t touch your cell phone before it’s on the air. It’s already cleared, but it took two and a half seconds of suspension in the air.”added the presenter, who then explained to viewers the reason for the scolding.

“Marcelo Moreira! Our oldest collaborator, the first reporter to arrive here from this team that is with us until today in Brasil Urgente, that’s why we treat Marcelo with such affection”.


Datena took advantage of the window between the best of the afternoon it’s the Brazil Urgent this Wednesday (10) to tell a macabre story that he lived in his house. It all started when the veteran said he’s not a fan of visitors. He lives only with his wife and has no plans to add anyone else to the house.

“It was an architect at my house and said, ‘Here we could make a room to receive. I said ‘My brother, I’m not a spiritualist and I don’t receive anyone here at home!’”he joked. “No one comes to my house here! Although I’m a fan of Chico Xavier”.

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