“Did you listen to a class”; Mano Menezes ‘copy’ Cuca and sends indirect to Abel at Palmeiras

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Coaches’ duel ends up leaving the four lines and ‘invades’ interview room and microphones

Mano Menezes 'copy' Cuca and sends indirect to Abel at Palmeiras
© Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIFMano Menezes ‘copy’ Cuca and sends indirect to Abel at Palmeiras

The success of coach Abel Ferreira in charge of the palm trees has been keeping many Brazilian commanders awake at night. The Portuguese, who won two Libertadores da América in command of Verdão, has been developing a very solid job at the São Paulo Club. Therefore, is often the target of ‘indirect’ from other trainers.

After the speech of coach Cuca, who was eliminated by Abel in the quarterfinals of the most important competition in America, it was coach Mano Menezes, from Internacional, which cited Portuguese indirectly in a response. In a press conference after the victory against Fluminense, the Colorado commander spoke the following sentence:

“You heard a class there last week, which has to put people inside the block and you can’t just play outside the block, so let’s work on that. It is necessary”. The speech refers to the tactical plan of Abel Ferreira, who illustrated how Cuca was unable to take advantage of the spaces after the two expulsions from Verdão.

Mano Menezes, who doesn’t have much sympathy from the Palmeiras fans, continued talking about the topic in the interview. “This causes greater stability for a team to build. And you have to know how to do that without counterattacking, without losing the ball. You have to do better and you need a little more”he added.

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