DNA test solves murder case more than 50 years later

Nancy Bennallack, 28, was brutally murdered in her apartment in Sacramento County, California (USA) in 1970.

Bennallack worked as a court reporter and she and her fiancé went to her apartment in Sacramento County after a night out around 11:30 pm on October 25th.

Nancy. Image: Comstroly

Her fiancé, who also worked in the American court system, left for home later that night.

The next day, Nancy didn’t show up for work. His coworker called his son and asked him to check on the situation.

With the superintendent’s help, the co-worker’s son opened Bennallack’s apartment and found the young woman murdered.

Sometime between 11:30 am that night and the early hours of the morning of October 26, the killer allegedly broke into Nancy’s apartment.

Police went to the scene and found the young reporter’s body with more than 30 stab wounds scattered around and a trail of blood was found moving away from the crime scene.

Investigators collected the blood sample, but at the time there was no DNA test and after finding no evidence about the perpetrator of the crime, the case was dropped.

Forensic genetic genealogy: DNA test solves case

In 2004, a DNA profile was developed, but no matches were found in a national database, and the case persisted without a resolution.

In 2019, with DNA tests at an advanced stage, forensic genetic genealogy, the same technology used to find the Golden State Killer in the United States, was used to try to carry out the genetic profile of Nancy’s murder.

Three years later the police finally found a suspect in the case.

Police found Richard John Davis, who died in Sacramento County, California, in 1997 as a suspect.

With the killer dead, legal justice will not be served, but the victim’s family now has at least closure for young Nancy’s case.

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