ESPN commentator detonates Atlético-MG coach; Look

The commentator Felippe Facincani, from ESPN, was revolted by the statements made by coach Cuca, from Atlético-MG, about his professional colleague Abel Ferreira, who commands Palmeiras.

During “F90”, the journalist echoed the interview with the commander of the Minas Gerais team, who mocked, yesterday, the tactical explanation given by the Portuguese in relation to the game between the two clubs in Libertadores, which ended with the victory of São Paulo on penalties (watch below) .

“It was a repressed, hypocritical and disrespectful statement. First, when talking about each one’s quirks: that one will listen to music, that another falls to the same corner… Cuca, who are you to talk about someone’s quirks? wears the same shirt since 2013 and nobody says anything, regardless of their faith. Nobody mocks. Everyone has their faith, whether religious or cultural. Do you mock that the guy is listening to music on penalty? You wear the same wine pants and nobody say nothing”, began Facincani in today’s edition of the program.

Following, the journalist recalled an episode involving the coach in the 2020 Libertadores final, when he was running Santos. In the final minutes of the duel against Palmeiras, Cuca got into trouble with the side Marcos Rocha, from Abel’s team, and saw his team take a goal in the next bid.

“You talk about intemperance, Cuca. Just you? You’re going to fight with Marcos Rocha in a throw-in with five minutes to go in the Libertadores final and then you take the goal and lose the title. Who are you to talk about someone’s intemperance , buddy?”, he continued.

“You don’t learn, Cuca”

Finally, the journalist recalled three situations involving breaches of contract by Cuca in recent years.

“Third point: Abel Ferreira has been doing a job for two years, something you’ve never been able to accomplish in your career. You spend six months at each club and leave jobs. In the three best jobs of your life, you threw everything away: Atlético in 2013, and on the eve of the game against Raja Casablanca [no Mundial], announces that he is going to football in China and blows up the squad. Or is it my lie? If you want, I’ll bring a player to prove it. I heard from a great player that you blew up the chance of Atlético reaching the World Cup final,” said Facincani.

“Palmeiras himself in 2016, who was the Brazilian champion, you let go and leave. Then you want to come back as the savior of the homeland in 2017. […] and takes another one. You don’t learn, Cuca. You’re a hypocrite, Cuca. Learn to behave and honor contracts before talking about a technician who has been in the country for two years doing a minimally competent and respectable job, who has even won you three times. And on the ball,” concluded the ESPN commentator.

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