Faustão returns to Domingão da Globo and wins tribute

Last Sunday, the 14th, marked the premiere of the new segment of Domingão with Huck, on Globo. This is Lip Sync Battle (voice battle). In fact, the format is already a great success abroad. In the United States, stars such as Tom Holland, Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum have videos with hit records due to their interpretations in the frame.

In this way, Luciano Huck and his team decided to buy the rights to the talent show and turn it into a frame for “Domingão”.

Of course, at Globo, the “Battle of Lip Sync” counted the participation of more stars of the house and the painting did not focus only on the dubbing, as it happens. However, a surprise marked the debut of the dispute and caught the attention of viewers: the return of Faustão.

Faustão at Globo cheers viewers

Two images, Faustão and the dancers Scheila Carvalho and Sheila Mello participating in the program that aired last Sunday, 14.
Faustão reappears at Globo in honor of the former members of “É o Tchan”, released on “Domingão”. Source: Globe

Calm down, Faustão remains in the Band and Luciano Huck will continue in charge of Domingão. However, at the Lip Sync debut, competitors Letícia Colin and Paulo Vieira had the opportunity to present two numbers of dubbings.

Leticia Colin, chose in the first moment, to honor Ney Matogrosso. Paulo Vieira sang “É o Tchan” and that’s when the audience collapsed. That’s because, the public was surprised with the participation of the two dancers of the group: Scheila Carvalho and Sheila Mello.

After enchanting the public with the famous choreography, the dancers were able to review excerpts from Domingão do Faustão from when they were chosen by the public to be part of “É o Tchan”.

Globo then surprised by showing Faustão in his best moments on the channel. As a result, Luciano Huck paid tribute to his friend.

“I was thrilled when I saw you come in”- said Luciano Huck to the dancers.

Meanwhile, Paulo Vieira did not miss the opportunity to play with Luciano: “At the time I thought it wasn’t you [Luciano], I thought it was Gugu. He became Domingo Legal. I thought you were going to say Domingoooo… Cool”- making everyone laugh.

“Gugu, may God have you and a hug for your family (…) It’s very cool that this same stage in Domingão, where you two were revealed in 90 and…(97 and 98). I was a viewer watching my friend Fausto Silva doing the Tchan blonde and brunette contest”- recalled Angelica’s husband.

At the end, Huck still greeted his friend, Faustão: “I want to send a kiss to Fausto, it’s great to see the moments of this Sunday. It is an honor to be here now.”

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Paulo Vieira wins the first episode of the Battle of Lip Sync

Paulo Vieira dances É o Tchan with Scheila Carvalho and Sheila Mello.
Paulo Vieira dances É o Tchan with Scheila Carvalho and Sheila Mello on “Domingão”. Source: Globe

After the “preview” of what would be the Battle of Lip Sync, Paulo Vieira and Letícia Colin went to the main presentations.

Letícia chose Britney Spears’ hit “Oops!… I Did It Again”. The actress who will be in the next Globoplay soap opera (All Flowers) wore the same look as the pop diva, including the hairstyle. Colin, who was recently in The Masked Singer Brasil, used all his experience in performance to interpret the choreography like the one done in the clip.

However, Paulo Vieira went further. The comedian, after raising the audience by singing “É o Tchan” drew laughter from the audience playing Princess Elsa, from Disney’s animation, Frozen. With the right to change clothes in a magic pass and the effect of snow on stage, Paulo won the first belt on the board.

Finally, Luciano Huck warned that new disputes of the Battle of Lip Sync will follow on the coming Sundays.

See the actor’s performance as the ice princess:

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