Foldable Cell Phone Will Be Industry Standard by 2025

Foldable smartphones have been around since 2019, but they are still not popular. This should happen little by little with one of Samsung’s bosses, TM Roh, saying that 3 years from now, in 2025, this should be the industry standard, causing more people to have phones with this feature.

“By 2025, foldable phones should be more than 50% of Samsung’s premium phones,” TM Roh, head of Samsung’s smartphone division, said in an interview with the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald. “Foldables will be the new standard in the smartphone industry.”

Foldable cell phones are the latest evolution of the mobile phone market. After the models grew in capacity and size, the industry seems to want to make the devices more compact (in the case of flip models) or better for productivity (in the case of phones that fold horizontally, becoming almost a tablet).

Dr.  TM Roh, President of Samsung Electronics Mobile Devices Division - Disclosure - Disclosure

Dr. TM Roh, President, Mobile Devices Division, Samsung Electronics

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Recently, Samsung presented two new foldable cell phones: the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. They have features of advanced devices and in the US they have a cost compatible with the category: US$ 999 (about R$ 5,066) and US$ 1,799 (about R$ 9,125), respectively.

According to the executive, the expectation is that in the next three years the brand’s folding cell phones — such as the Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 — will begin to surpass in volume the Galaxy S cell line, the company’s main one.

During the announcement of the new foldables, Mario Lafitte, vice president of institutional relations at Samsung in Latin America, said that the brand’s idea is “to transform a niche [dos dobráveis] into something mainstream [‘mais popular]”.

In addition to Samsung, there are other brands investing heavily in this field. Last week, Motorola introduced a new Moto Razr 2022 to the Chinese market — which gained a larger external screen.

Moto Razr 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto Razr 2022

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Another company with an eye on this market is Xiaomi, which launched the Mix Fold 2, a folding device that, when fully opened, resembles a tablet. One of the gimmicks of the device is that it is cheaper than the Z Fold 4 (it costs about US$ 1,336, or R$ 6,776, against US$ 1,799 for the Samsung model).

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

Image: Disclosure

There are rumors that the Chinese Oppo should also invest more in the folding business. Last year, the company launched the Find N (a foldable one that opens like a tablet) in the Chinese market, but it is speculated that it should launch a flip model (like the Z Flip 4 and the Moto Razr) and take these two devices to market. more markets.

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