Intel uses emulation to run DirectX 9 games on Arc GPUs and 12th-gen CPUs

The focus on optimizing your drivers continues on the latest APIs

Unsurprisingly, Intel is having a hard time optimizing its video drivers for games that use older APIs like DirectX 9. The company now says on its support page that its current hardware, Arc GPUs and 12th Gen Core CPUs no longer support DirectX 9 natively, only through emulation.

Intel’s focus on showcasing its Arc Alchemist graphics cards in action has been on showing how good their graphics drivers support in DirectX 12 and Vulkan games. With DX 9, the company said it will use a Microsoft interface that lets you run DX 9 on DX 12 and will not natively support the API. Check out what Intel said on the matter:

“The 12th Gen Intel processor integrated GPU and dedicated Arc GPU no longer support D3D9 natively. DirectX 9 based applications and games can still run through the Microsoft D3D9On12 interface.

The integrated GPU in 11th Gen and older Intel processors is DX9 compatible natively, but they can be paired with Arc graphics cards. If so, it’s likely that rendering is handled by the graphics card and not the iGPU (unless the card is disabled). So the system will be using DX9On12 instead of DX9.

As DirectX is owned by Microsoft and supported by Microsoft, troubleshooting DX9 apps and games requires promoting any findings to Microsoft Support so that they include the appropriate fixes in their next OS and APIs update. DirectX.”

Intel guarantees it will continue to optimize its drivers

Despite the API being two decades old at this point, some of the most popular games on Steam still use it, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offense, Dota 2, Lost Ark 2 and Team Fortress 2. Hard to know how effective this method is compared to with native API usage, but that’s what Intel has on hand now.

Intel offers Core i7-12700K/i5-12600K CPUs in place of Arc GPUs as awards for its event

Intel has already made it clear that its cards work well in DX 12 and Vulkan, showing that the Arc A750 manages to outperform the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 in its own tests, which should not be taken as the absolute truth.

Intel said that “not all games will look like this at launch”, referring to Control, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, among other games optimized for DX 12 and Vulkan. “We won’t have the same kind of performance in every game, but that’s our goal. We will continue to optimize drivers, improve our software,” said Intel.


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