Inter: Mano claims goal disallowed against Flu: “Buttock impediment”

Mano Menezes valued Internacional’s performance against Fluminense, today (14), at the Beira-Rio stadium. The gaucho team dominated the opponent and applied 3 to 0 in the first game after being eliminated in the Copa Sudamericana, in the midst of a tense atmosphere in the stadium. The coach, however, did not let pass the goal disallowed for impediment of Alemão.

The move took place in the 16th minute of the second half. Alemão left the defense field and gave Mauricio a millimeter pass, behind the defender’s back, and shirt 27 kicked it to make, at that moment, 2 to 0 in favor of Inter. The referee canceled the goal for offside.

“Today, we had a buttock impediment for the first time. I’ve been in this business for years, but it’s the first time I see an impediment of, of? of savings. Our player had both legs planted in the defense field”, said Mano Menezes, in a press conference after the game in Porto Alegre.

During the Premiere broadcast, the lines showed Alemão still in the defensive field. The review stopped the game for about three minutes.

“I’ve already talked about it, we’ve even been benefited there in Santos, but here there were two offsides by a hair. Against Botafogo, Mercado made it 3-2, and now again, but luckily we did it later. because for years FIFA argued that it was to focus on the goal. When in doubt, pro-goal. Now, it’s reversed. We’re going to evolve, I have no doubt. England created a rule and it’s something objective, so that could be it”, said Mano, when remembering English rules with a kind of safety margin in the offside.

Image of VAR in Inter's goal against Fluminense, where Alemão is offside - Reproduction - Reproduction

VAR pointed to Alemão for offside, even with the striker leaving Inter’s defense field

Image: Reproduction

Fabricio Bustos, Alemão and Carlos de Pena scored Inter’s goals against Flu.

“The team never lost confidence, we didn’t have to regain any confidence. We only had one elimination, which is bad and that we have to overcome. fired the coach.

Inter’s squad did not have Edenilson, with swelling in his left knee, and Alan Patrick – who started the game on the bench. The formation was set up specifically for the duel with Fluminense.

“Today, we set up a tripod inside the field made up of Gabriel, Johnny and De Pena. This tripod gave us strength to neutralize a big move by Fluminense and, with that, resume and build the victory”, explained Mano Menezes.

With 36 points, Internacional occupies the sixth place and returns to the field against Avaí, on the 22nd, in Florianópolis. Goalkeeper Daniel, suspended for the third yellow card, is out.

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