Iran denies involvement in Salman Rushdie attack, blames writer and supporters | World

Rushdie – whose book is seen by some Muslims as blasphemy – was wounded by between 10 and 15 stab wounds by a man who stormed the stage at a lecture the 75-year-old author was preparing to give in New York state. He is hospitalized and has already been extubated, according to his agent and friends.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaanido said “nobody has the right to make accusations against Iran” over the attack on Rushdie, for which Tehran blames the author and his supporters.

“We consider no one other than Salman Rushdie himself and his supporters [pelo ataque]worthy of reproach and condemnation,” Kanaanido declared.

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On Sunday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused “Iranian institutions” of inciting violence against Rushdie for generations.

Salman Rushdie is attacked by a man in the US – Photo: Charlie Savenor / AP Agency

The stabbing attack on Salman Rushdie took place early Friday afternoon, as the author was preparing to give a lecture at the Chautauqua Institute in western New York state.

When it was introduced, a man stormed the stage and stabbed the writer between 10 and 15 times. Several people from the audience, who witnessed the case, rushed to help Rushdie.

The attacker, identified as Hadi Matar, 24, was detained by police officers who were at the event. On Saturday (13), he was formally charged with attempted murder and assault, and is being held without bail.

Who is Salman Rushdie?

Who is Salman Rushdie?

The book “The Satanic Verses” was banned in Iran in 1988, as many Muslims consider it blasphemous. A year later, Iran’s late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, or edict, calling for Rushdie’s death.

The work was especially controversial for having a character inspired by the Prophet Muhammad portrayed in a way considered offensive by leaders of the Muslim community.

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