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O Whatsapp It’s been the favorite app of Brazilians for some time, because every citizen spends hours there watching memes, sending and receiving videos, solving questions and even making calls to people who live far away. Nowadays it is even used for work.

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All this accessibility is one of the reasons why Brazilians like it so much, but another very important reason is the number of innovations presented through the updates it receives every year.

Something new comes to the app all the time. Usually these changes come from requests from the users themselves. And with two news coming at any moment, we can say that at least one of them was extremely requested by people.

The first change is the possibility to leave a WhatsApp group silently. Currently whenever you leave the group, a notification is sent in the conversation so everyone can see that it has happened.

Some people didn’t like this very much, judging this notification too expository. With the modification, the notification will only be shown to those who are admins of the group, so privacy will be guaranteed.

In addition, people will only be able to know if someone has left or been removed from the group if they go to the group’s menu and access the list of people who left there in the last 60 days. This feature is new and will come alongside the idea of ​​not showing the notification. That way users won’t know if you’ve left, only if they decide to go check it out.

People who are sometimes placed in groups that they don’t want to be are very grateful, as they will now be able to leave when they have the chance, without causing too much fuss. But what really caught the attention of users was the second novelty, the most requested by people for years. The option to remove the “online” from WhatsApp.

Over the years, the app has changed its policies a lot, especially with regards to privacy. More and more features have been added along these lines, such as ticking last or the color of the sign that confirms that you’ve read the message. And after changing all these features, it seems it’s time for online to come out.

The online, as the name suggests, serves to show that the person is or was with the application recently opened. If you open a conversation with her, it soon appears that the person was available there.

It is worth mentioning that there is a third one that is even better, but which is still under development, which is the function of preventing screenshots from being removed from conversations. This feature was also highly requested.

Unfortunately, it shouldn’t arrive anytime soon, since while the other two mentioned novelties are in the final stages of testing, this last one is still being developed.

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