Mourning: Goioerê teacher Alice Ruiz passed away this Monday (15)

The education of Goioerê is mourning the death of the retired teacher and pioneer of Goioerê, Alice Ruiz de Oliveira, 83 years old. The information was passed on by her daughter and also teacher Ariane Ruiz Koike, that the death happened around 12 pm. Professor Alice Ruiz currently lives in Curitiba. She transferred residence to Curitiba 05 years ago to perform treatment for a malignant neoplasm of the bronchi and lung. The wake and burial will be in Curitiba.


Teacher Alice Ruiz arrived in Goioerê on February 1, 1974, starting her professional activities as a teacher at the Municipal Schools Sileuza da Costa Prado, Roberto Diniz and Duque de Caxias, and also developed teaching activities at the Private School A Formiguinha. She developed teaching activities at MOBRAL.

She worked as a State Teacher at Colégio Duque de Caxias, Colégio Estadual Polivalente de Goioerê (PREMEN I), Colégio Estadual Antonio Lacerda Braga (PREMEN II), State Gymnasium Ribeiro de Campos (headquarters) and Colégio Estadual Quarto Centenário (extension). She worked at the Regional Education Nucleus from foundation to retirement. Returning later, as Assistant Chief of the NRE Goioerê in the Management of Professor Lourenço in 1993, she was honored with the Ordem do Pinheiro State Commendation for her services to Paraná Education.

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