Netflix Releases Movie With Josh Duhamel You Must Watch

Games between Friends is a 2020 action comedy movie that has just arrived on Netflix totally by surprise and it’s perfect for those who like a more good movie, who don’t need to pay so much attention.

If you are looking for a movie to have a few laughs and pass the time, this is definitely the right choice.

In the film, we follow the story of six friends who decide to get together after 5 years apart due to a fight. Bob (Josh Duhamel) is in charge of the reunion, organizing an insane competition, the Buddy Game. The game consists of a circuit full of physical and mental challenges, where the winner takes home $150,000.

However, the biggest prize that everyone will win will be the renewal of this long-standing friendship.

The cast has Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dillon, Dan Bakkedahl, Dax Shepard, James Roday Rodriguez, Nick Swardson and Olivia Munn.

Games between Friends is available at Netflix.


Watch the trailer:

You will like it too!

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