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Vasco completed three weeks without a permanent coach this Sunday: Maurício Souza was dismissed on July 24, the day after the defeat to Vila Nova away from home. But that seems to be the least of the team’s problems. With a “big daddy” look and good results in Serie B of the Brasileirão, interim Emílio Faro captivated fans and cast and has been allowing Vasco’s board of directors to look for a new coach without being in a hurry.

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Emílio, 55 years old, goes to the seventh game in charge of Vasco in this Series B. After the victories over Cruzeiro and Náutico in the first round, when he took over as a buffer in the transition between Zé Ricardo and Maurício, he led the team in the last four games: victories over CRB and Tombense, draw with Chapecoense and defeat to Ponte Preta.

Emílio Faro, Vasco’s coach, in the match against Tombense — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

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A permanent employee of Vasco’s coaching staff, Emílio has been working with this squad since the beginning of the season and, therefore, knows the players well. He is described by those closest to him as a captivating person and a coach who speaks the athletes’ language, but who also has baggage and tactically adds to the team’s day-to-day.

– We usually say it’s our big daddy, right? – Edimar said after the victory over Tombense.

– He gives us a lot of freedom in training. And above all he knows the club a lot. A guy who has vast experience in football and knows the club a lot. The confidence he gives not only to the boys, but to us on a daily basis, makes our environment really light. So his importance is very big – added the experienced left-back.

“This issue of being hired is more up to the board. I believe he has done a great job. For us, he continues as a coach until the end of the year”, he concluded.

See the lecture by Vasco Emílio Faro's coach before the victory over Tombense

See the lecture by Vasco Emílio Faro’s coach before the victory over Tombense

The prelate before the game against Tombense (see video above), released in the behind-the-scenes video of “VascoTV”, gives an idea of ​​the environment and Emílio’s relationship with the cast. Minutes before taking the field, he asked only for his players to enjoy the match.

– Guys, we basically talked about everything we understand for today’s match, but there was a word missing that I’ll put here now. Of several chapters that will give us access, today is one more. enjoy. Enjoy the game with all the ingredients. When it’s time to tell this story, let’s see how pleasurable this moment here was. Enjoy the game, okay? -she said.

Vasco is slowly looking for a new coach on the market, although the trend is that negotiations will accelerate now with the official arrival of 777 Partners. From the beginning, however, there has been an internal current that defends Emílio’s permanence in office. As long as, of course, the results keep showing up.

Matheus Ribeiro, Edimar, Anderson Conceição and Quintero embrace Emílio Faro, from Vasco — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Andrey: “A sensational guy”

One of the names of last Saturday’s game, Andrey Santos also spoke about the work of the interim coach. In the opinion of the 18-year-old midfielder, scorer of two goals against Tombense, Emílio is responsible for “increasingly” uniting the squad.

– Emílio is a sensational guy, speechless. Our group is very united, and he unites more and more, with his games, knowing the right moment to work. I have nothing to say about him – praised the steering wheel, who deflected when asked about a possible effect:

– They are solving this, I know they will solve it in the best way possible and that it will be the best way for Vasco.

Vasco is re-introduced this Monday to start the preparation for the next commitment for Série B of the Brasileirão: the team faces CSA on Thursday, in Maceió.

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