Secret Invasion has promising news for Marvel fans

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Set to be one of the series marvel studios of Phase 5 of the studio, in last update, actor of Secret Invasion reveals promising news for fans of the house of ideas productions.

starring Samuel L. Jacksonthe MCU show will take Nick Fury on yet another electrifying adventure, as he investigates the insertion of various Skrull aliens infiltrated into Earth, beings that were initially inserted into the universe during the film’s captain marvel.

After Jackson’s confirmation that Secret Invasion would go through reshoots, on his own social networks, the leading man exclusively announced to fans that additional recordings for the series from Marvel were officially closed, including gifts from the sets.

See the post made by the star:

“[…] closing day [das gravações]…”wrote the actor.

More important information about Secret Invasion

Comprising six episodes in total, the unprecedented show is directed by the duo. Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim. In addition to Samuel L. Jackson leading the cast, the team of actors will still have Cobie Smulders reprising her role as Oscar winner Maria Hill, Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and among others.

Secret Invasion are scheduled to premiere in early 2023 on streaming Disney+.

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