the 5 best roles of this amazing actress

In celebration of the birthday of actress Viola Davis, who turned 57 this Thursday, August 11, let’s look back at the 5 best roles of her career in the entertainment film industry. The American actress and producer was considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 (the height of her career) and accumulates the trophy of the awards of 1 Emmy Awards, 1 Oscar and 2 Tony Awards, achieving the Triple Crown of acting.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you might remember the memorable roles the actress played over the last 10 years in this compilation dedicated to Queen Viola Davis. Check out!

The Ultimate Voice of the Blues (2020) – Ma Rainey

The character Ma Rainey is a black woman, blues singer who impetuously gathers in a studio in 1927 under the disdain and prejudice of white men. Viola Davis fooled everyone by imagining that at this point in the championship nothing else could be surpassed in her excellent career.

A Boundary Between Us (2016) – Rose Maxson

Adaptation of the play “Fences” in the character Rose Maxson, Viola Davis gives a show of interpretation in the first minutes in which she is on the scene. SViola Davis: the 5 best roles of this incredible actress her performance earned her the first Oscar statuette, being the first woman black woman to be decorated and marking her third nomination for one of the most important awards in acting.

James Brown (2014) – Susie Brown

In addition to working again with his partner Octavia Spencer, his truth on stage and his clear personality nuances earned him prestige both from critics and from the public, building mostly dynamic sequences and specific to the aforementioned musical style.

How To Get Away With Changer (2014-2020) – Annalize Keating

Dynamic interpretation and perfect rhythm of nuances, Annalize Keating is engaging and breathtaking. In the span of 3 years alone, Davis was nominated 3 times for Best Actress at the Emmy Awards, heading one of her two statuettes.

Crossed Stories (2012) – Aibileen Clark

Up for Best Actress in the story, set in the 1960s in the midst of racial segregation in the United States, Aibileen is the first interviewee of aspiring writer Skeeter (Emma Stone), and sees the opportunity to join her friends and turn against the oppression that they all suffer from their employers.

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