The Crown actor will play Harry Potter in the production of the magical saga

The Crown actor will play Harry Potter in the production of the magical saga

The timeless saga is continuing its work even away from the screen, with the exception of the current franchise of fantastic beastsand now, site reports cast of actor from The Crown as Harry Potter for production.

With films started in the early 2000s starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grinteven after the witch franchise has ended its original features after eight productions, much of the saga has been explored, including a direct continuation with the book and play by the cursed child.

Giving a new face to the classic protagonist, according to Variety, Sam Craneknown for productions such as The Crown and DNAwill play the title wizard in Harry Potter and the Cursed Childtheatrical play that will start its new campaign during the second half of this year in the city of London, in October 13.

The play follows Albus Potter, son of the mighty and legendary Harry, as he ends up befriending Draco Malfoy’s son, embarking on a dangerous adventure that could change notions of past and future. Sam Crane joins the cast formed by other names such as Thomas Aldridge and Michelle Gayle.

Meanwhile, all the movies from Harry Potter and fantastic beastsreleased so far, are available on streaming HBO Max. The new wave of performances of the theatrical play by the cursed child will take place at the Palace Theater in London.

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