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TikTok has released the “AI greenscreen” effect, which uses artificial intelligence to create illustrations based on a simple text command. With that, just type exactly what you want to appear in the art and wait for the platform to develop the design. Once ready, the created image can serve as a background for the clip, similar to the green screen filter. The news turned trend in the short video app for Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones, and the tag #aigreenscreen already has over 27 million views. Here’s how TikTok’s drawing effect works.

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TikTok launches artificial intelligence filter that creates illustrations from user-typed text; check it out — Photo: Getty Images/NurPhoto

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The effect can turn any text into art. Thus, it is possible to combine random elements and develop unique scenarios, in order to explore possibilities and exercise creativity. However, it is worth mentioning that the filter has certain intentional technical limitations – such as in relation to the level of realism of the strokes, since the created pieces are usually abstract and “smeared”.

This is because, as the application has billions of users, certain combinations could be problematic if too detailed, such as in cases of nudity and graphic violence. Still, another important factor for this decision was the processing demand, since the more ultra-realistic the arts were, the more resources would be used by the app – which could make the filter not very functional.

tiktok-ai-greenscreen-effect — Photo: Playback/TikTok

Although the effect is unprecedented on the short video platform, this is not the only artificial intelligence that can generate illustrations from texts. In fact, the TikTok filter was created based on other software of the type, such as Microsoft’s OpenAI’s DALL-E 2; and Midjourney, which works through the Discord channel.

Unlike the social network’s AI, both platforms offer the option to create drawings with more developed features, such as the ability to detail strokes in HD, 4K and 8K. Check out examples below.

discord-midjourney-illustration — Photo: Reproduction/Midjourney

How to use TikTok’s “AI greenscreen” effect?

To use the filter on TikTok, access the app and press on (+) symbol to create a new clip. Then go to the tab “Effects” and then press on magnifying glass icon to do a search. In the search bar, type “AI greenscreen” and tap on the first option, from purple icon. Once this is done, the effect will be activated and a bar will be shown on the screen. In it, type the text you want to transform into art and press “Create”. Now, just wait for the drawing to be ready.

TikTok launches greenscreen AI effect; know how to use — Photo: Reproduction/Letícia Rosa

with information from The Verge and TikTok

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