TRF-6 competition will have 150 vacancies, most of them focused on IT

Still no date to take place, the contest of Federal Regional Court of the 6th Region (TRF-6), which will be installed in Belo Horizonte, will offer 150 vacancies for servers. Although the delimitation of these jobs is not defined, the tendency is that most of them will go to the area of ​​information technology (IT). There is still no salary range for the opportunities, as the public notice has not yet been prepared.

The objective is to facilitate the migration of computerized systems from the TRF-1, in Brasília, to the TRF-6; A ceremony at the Juscelino Kubitschek Auditorium, in the Administrative City of Minas Gerais, in BH, will mark the inauguration of the new courthouse this Friday (19).

There are 10 systems classified as critical by federal judge Vânila Cardoso André de Moraes, through Ordinance 140/2022 of the Board of the Forum (Diref) of the Judiciary Section of Minas Gerais. Among these interfaces are some known to lawyers, such as the Electronic Judicial Process (PJe) and the Electronic Information System (SEI). Other tools for internal use by the Federal Courts are also in the scope, such as the Human Resources Administration System (SARH).

In another ordinance, last July, federal judge Vânila Cardoso determined the creation of the Preliminary Studies Commission to carry out the public tender. Four Federal Justice servants were responsible for the working group to carry out “surveys, studies and preliminary suggestions to subsidize the administration for the filling of effective positions”.

The results of these studies should be made public by this Monday (15), according to the judge’s ordinance. However, there is no record of this document in the Board of the Forum of the Judiciary Section of Minas Gerais this Monday.

The report made contact with the press office of the TRF-1, currently responsible for the Judiciary Section of Minas Gerais, to find out if there are any results on the work of the study commission.

appointed judges

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) made official, this Thursday (11), the appointment of 17 judges who will act in the TRF-6. The appointments, which were published in the Official Gazette of the Union, are added to the judge Mônica Sifuentes, who had already requested the transfer of the TRF-1. Thus, in total there will be 18 judges in the TRF-6.

Among those nominated by the OAB of Minas Gerais, Bolsonaro chose lawyers Grégore Moreira de Moura and Flávio Boson Gambogi. In the vacancies for members of the Federal Public Ministry, the president appointed Edilson Vitorelli Diniz Lima and Álvaro Ricardo de Souza Cruz.

Six judges who currently work in the TRF-1 were promoted to judges on the basis of merit. They are: Klaus Kuschel, André Prado de Vasconcelos, Simone dos Santos Lemos Fernandes, Luciana Pinheiro Costa, Pedro Felipe de Oliveira Santos and Miguel ngelo de Alvarenga Lopes.

The list of nominees ends with the promotions of seven judges from the TRF-1 by the criterion of seniority. Their names had already been defined by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The publication in the Official Gazette only made the passage to judge in the TRF-6 official.

Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, Ricardo Machado Rabelo, Lincoln Rodrigues de Faria, Marcelo Dolzany da Costa, Rubens Rollo D’Oliveira, Evandro Reimão dos Reis, and Derivaldo de Figueiredo Bezerra Filho were nominated by this last criterion.

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