USB-C advances to become global standard in cell phones

THE India studies to adopt a measure that requires the adoption of a door USB Type-C as a standard for mobile devices from 2024, which could make the connection a global standard for smartphones once and for all. The initiative is in line with movements in the European and US markets, as well as in Brazil, and may force apple to abandon its proprietary Lightning-like ports.

According to survey of counterpointIndia represents a strong share of the smartphone market, with industry revenue exceeding US$38 billion in 2021. Apple leads the high-end segment in the country, and a standard charging port requirement would represent an obstacle for the company.

If the standard is adopted in India, as well as in the United States and Europe, the tendency is for manufacturers to not escape the change. After all, breaking the rule can result in the sale of devices being banned in these markets, which can have a big impact on revenue.

Reduction of e-waste

The Indian government convened a meeting with industry shareholders for next Wednesday (17), with the aim of discussing the details of the new requirement. Demanding the adoption of a single port standard for smartphones and tablets is a measure that aims to reduce the production of electronic waste.

In an interview given to India’s official news agency, the Minister of Consumer Rights suggested that if the industry can adopt a single standard in the European and US communities, it is also in a position to do so in the Indian market.

It’s in Brazil?

Brazil was one of the first countries to discuss the use of USB-C as a standard for the electronics industry, following in the footsteps of the European Union. Anatel is carrying out a public consultation on the subject, which runs until August 26th.

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