Victor Luis gets elbowed and leaves ambulance camp

A move involving Victor Luis scared the classic between Ceará and Fortaleza, this afternoon, at Castelão, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão. The left-back of Vozão collided with a teammate, had a sudden illness and left the field in an ambulance.

In contention for the top, Victor Luis was elbowed by Lucas Ribeiro in the 36th minute of the second half (see above). Lying on the ground, he received support from the players of both teams and from the referee Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima. Then the doctors took action and immobilized the player, who was taken by ambulance from the match.

The side, who was replaced by Bruno Pacheco in the classic, had a concussion, according to Ceará.

“Athlete Victor Luís had a head trauma that caused a concussion – transient loss of consciousness, he was treated by Dr. Joaquim Garcia, he is conscious and was referred to the Unimed Regional Hospital, for imaging tests, following protocol”, said the Voice, in note.

According to the ‘Premiere’ broadcast, the game was stopped for four minutes to attend to Victor Luis and the ambulance took about 40 seconds to reach the pitch.

Fortaleza won the classic against Ceará by 1 to 0. Moisés scored the only goal of the game, in the 16th minute of the first half.

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