Walrus who became Norway’s summer star sacrificed: ‘There was no solution’

Animal became known for weighing 600 kilos and became a tourist attraction in the country; authorities said the decision was taken to preserve ‘human security’

NTB/Trond Reidar Teigen via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORSfreya walrus
Freya walrus climbing on a boat in Frognerkilen Bay in Oslo, Norway

Freya, a walrus who became the star of the summer in Norway after settling in the Oslo fjord, she was euthanized, officials said on Sunday. head of the Norwegian Fisheries Board, in a statement. Although, according to authorities, the walrus is not a threat to humans, it can attack if it feels in danger. A few days ago, authorities had already talked about the possibility of euthanizing this 600-kilogram mammal after their pleas for people to stop visiting it were to no avail. “We studied in detail all possible solutions and concluded that we could not guarantee the welfare of the animal in any way,” he added. The walrus Freya (named after a goddess of love and beauty from Norse mythology) was first spotted in the Norwegian capital’s fjord on July 17, and has since become an attraction for spectators. Walruses, a protected species that feeds primarily on invertebrates such as molluscs, shrimp, crabs and small fish, typically live in northern latitudes in the Arctic.

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