Will the beer run out? Find out what the date is for this to happen

Beer is certainly the most popular alcoholic beverage on planet Earth. Most people have had or drink beer at home, at the bar, at a get-together with friends or anywhere. However, it may be that one day the beer will run out and there is even a calculation that predicts this.

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Food shortages could wipe out the world’s beer

Since the end of last year, the world has been going through a certain food crisis. Supply shortages that could wipe out beer have already surfaced in the UK and US. The current coronavirus pandemic and the War in Ukraine were determining factors to further exacerbate the problem.

In Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador raised the possibility that breweries in the north of this country, one of the world’s largest producers, could stop production. The reason is due to the lack of rain, which threatens to restrict water, an essential raw material for human beings and for the production of this drink.

The US Federal Executive highlighted that brewers and soft drinks will have all the facilities, for the time being, to consume from the south of Mexico, as it ruled out that the government issue more licenses for the operation of the brewing industry in the North.

Energy crisis in Europe

With the strong heat waves, Spain also suffered from a severe energy crisis, which affected almost all of Europe. The brewing industry was, once again, slaughtered in this process.

Some experts point out that if new crises continue to occur, which is very likely, beer could become a rare item by 2070. Are the days of the world’s most popular drink numbered? Only time will be able to tell.

The truth is that climate change is another factor that should also impact agricultural production of barley and hops, for example. The industry has been trying to find mechanisms to make conscious use of natural resources, which seems to be a great option.

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