5G in Curitiba is activated! Check out the advantages of the 5th generation of the internet

The capital of Paraná officially activates this Tuesday (August 16) the 5G signal, inaugurating another stage of the new era of digital transformation in Brazil. In addition to Curitiba, the cities of Goiânia and Salvador also enter the 5th generation of the internet. With the arrival of 5G in these cities, Brazil now has eight capitals with the new technology, following Brasília, Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, Porto Alegre and São Paulo.


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The 5G signal may vary depending on the availability of the contracted operator and the region and/or neighborhood of coverage. To have access to the 5th generation of mobile internet, you also need to check if your smartphone supports this frequency.

The implementation of the 5G internet signal in all Brazilian capitals should be carried out by September 29, 2022, according to the schedule established by Anatel. There are great expectations and promising perspectives about the application of 5G and the changes that the technology will bring to people’s lives and to companies’ business models.

5G is a technology that, in addition to more speed, also enables low latency and high concentration of device traffic. In addition to bringing experience gains to the consumer market, 5G will meet the needs of the B2B market and applications that will be developed in the future, including the Internet of Things.

According to Luiz Puppin, training manager at FiberX, Huawei’s partner in Brazil, society is experiencing a new revolution in technology: “The use of 5G will completely change our lives. Whether in the countryside, in cities, in houses, in commerce, in industry; everything will be positively impacted.”

Another good news refers to the shorter expansion time. “We won’t need to build all the infrastructure for this, just a tower and equipment to generate the coverage. I estimate that, in about 4 years, 5G will replace 4G and a part of the fixed network that we have today”, says Puppin. By the end of 2022, he predicts that about 2 million Brazilians will have access to 5G.

The fifth generation of mobile network connectivity was developed with a focus on communication between objects. Millions of them will be simultaneously connected to the internet, which will generate billions of instant data and allow for faster and more assertive decisions. At the same time, this ‘equipment talk’ will favor process automation, reduce operational work, generate more efficiency, safety and productivity.

Benefits of 5G in agribusiness

Among the advantages of using the 5G signal for agribusiness, Luiz Puppin cites the example of a fully connected farm.

“The health and weight of the herd can be known in the palm of the hand. The amount of inputs and rations will facilitate logistics and marketing, without wasting time. Those who produce grains such as soybeans, corn, coffee, wheat or rice will know the soil conditions and needs for corrections or irrigation, harvest control, storage, best time to make the sale and other indicators that will bring efficiency to the business”, he explains.

The expert also says that the so-called agriculture 4.0 will have autonomous machines (tractor, harvester, truck without drivers), it will be more sustainable and economical – since there will be practically no waste. The monitoring of crops and pastures will be done with precision and this will facilitate the identification of invasive plants, pests and diseases.

“It will also be possible to know the rainfall indicators of each part of the farm, know the exact moment of sowing, locate water sources, open access roads and fight fires. In short, the possibilities for agribusiness are countless”, highlights Puppin.

The 5G signal in homes

Ease of access to data will also benefit housewives, gamers, movie buffs and those who work from home. The FiberX representative cites the example of a device connected to the gas cylinder that will read the consumption and automatically notify the replacement company. “There will never be a lack of gas again”, jokes the specialist in Mobile Communications.

Did the pet run away from home? With technology, it will be easier to find you. Did you go on a trip and forgot an electronic device on? It will now be possible to turn it off, even if you are in another city or country. In a few years, homes will be able to have sensors linked via 5G to detect electrical problems or energy costs.

For those who enjoy movies, games or documentaries via streaming services, speed is the big highlight. “A 25GB movie takes about 35 minutes to download with 4G. With 5G, this can be done in less than a minute,” says Puppin.

In the home office, video calls must become more stable, facilitate communication between everyone involved and the internet will be a hundred times faster.

5G in cities

One of the problems of large urban centers is mobility. But to reduce travel time – especially at peak times – technology will be a strong ally.

“Smart traffic lights will be able to optimize the opening and closing cycles of the signal, helping to flow the flow of vehicles and buses, reducing the time spent commuting to and from work”, highlights the specialist.

Street lights will be able to be turned on and off more accurately – according to daylight – and reduce energy costs. Connected highways will be able to inform you where the nearest gas station is.

With such usefulness and strong demand forecast, Luiz Puppin and his team stepped forward to provide 5G solutions to local internet providers, the energy sector, transportation, government and large companies.

“The world will be completely smart and connected. People will be able to accomplish and create more value in their lives and for others, using the great innovations and technologies that 5G will provide”, he concludes.

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