After 5G, 6G technology is already discussed and may be closer

The number of Brazilian cities that have started to receive 5G technology in Brazil is increasing, something that had only been considered for years. However, even though this implementation is very recent, discussions about 5G have already begun to give way to the debate about the arrival of 6G in the country.

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How does 6G work?

This technology still unknown by most Brazilians follows the line of improvement of the internet network. In this case, the main objective is to make the network faster and, consequently, able to deal with the new demands. In other words, it is an extension of wireless communication between chips for meetings and public services.

Unlike 5G, this version will work with technology intended for consumers and regular internet use. That’s because the 5G structure was fully thought out so that large corporations could use it.

In this way, 6G will be more accessible and should have benefits beyond futuristic that will surely excite users. Among them are new tactile applications and even holography!

Not forgetting the speed that will be almost unimaginable, since 6G has a speed potential that is up to a hundred times greater than 5G. On the other hand, this novelty implies the use of more resources for the installation of antennas and satellites.

When will 6G arrive in Brazil?

Discussions regarding the challenges of installing and using 6G networks in Brazil for the time being are centered on the Brazil 6G Project. It is an initiative of Intel and the National Research and Teaching Network, in addition to representatives of the Ministries of Economy, Education and Communications.

However, we cannot forget that 5G technology is still recent here in Brazil and is present in a minimal number of cities. That is why the expectation is that 6G will reach the end consumer only in the next few years. With reference to the evolution of internet use so far, we know that this can happen even sooner than we think.

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