Answer questions and earn BRL 50,000 through Nubank: how to do that?

The search for extra money became routine for many Brazilians. And a new promotion announced by Nubank promises to make customers more likely to get out of trouble, with prizes of up to R$50,000. To participate, simply access the digital bank app.

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Nubank is carrying out monthly raffles and releasing various prizes through Life Voucher promotion. All life insurance customers of fintechcalled Nubank Vida. Here’s how to participate and have a chance to win a good amount of money!

How does the promotion work?

Nubank Vida customers interested in participating in the promotion receive digital coupons that can be exchanged for services or products. In addition, they also participate in sweepstakes with prizes that can reach up to R$6,000 per month.

To gain access to tickets, whose values ​​range from R$30 to R$100, users need to answer a questionnaire called “Quiz da Vida”.

In addition to the bonuses and prizes every month, the bank intends to hold a draw of R$50,000 at the end of the campaign, which began in June and will end on November 30, 2022.

I want to participate in the Nubank campaign: what should I do?

In the case of those who are already a Nubank life insurance customer, simply access the digital bank’s life insurance in the application, in the “Nubank Vida” tab.

Once this is done, just go to “Vale-Vida Nubank Promotion” to accept the terms and regulations. From there, you can answer the “Quiz da Vida” and compete for prizes. Good luck!

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