Apple employee could be fired for viral video on TikTok

One Apple maid would have been threatened fired in case she doesn’t remove a video that went viral and involved information about the company. The question is, was the information important enough to justify the act?

One of the features of iPhones What crooks hate the most is the fact that if they can’t get access to the Apple ID user, the device becomes a “paper weight” and they cannot restore it to resell it quickly. So, they desperately seek to get the Apple ID password, trying to extort users — of course, you don’t need to read Apple manuals to know that the tip is always: never give your password to crooks unless you are under physical threat. or something like that.

This type of information is very basic and we have already given several tips here on MacMagazinebut it seems that Apple didn’t like it at all, when something like that was publicized by a TikToker who works for Apple.

Paris Campbell has over 400k followers on his TikTok account. THE TikTokerwhich also does stand-up comedy, published a week ago a video in which he responded to a person who had been robbed and criminals were threatening to expose his data if he did not unlink his device from his Apple ID. Campbell then explained and helped the person not to do this, stating that she worked as a certified hardware engineer for “a certain company that likes to talk about fruit.”

The video went viral, gaining over 5 million views in less than 24 hours. Last Friday (8/12), however, she received a call from a manager asking her to take the video down, otherwise she would be subject to disciplinary action “up to and including termination”. She even asked what would happen if she kept it on the air, and there was no response — now, the video has reached 7 million views.

Soon after, she posted a second video titled “Dear Apple,” directing him to the company, exposing what had happened. She revealed that she had worked for the company for nearly six years and argued that she had not previously mentioned that she was an Apple employee. But even if she had, there’s nothing in the company’s social media policies to stop her from revealing this, unless she does it in a way that “makes the company look bad” — which she didn’t.

She even defended herself by saying that the content of the first video is already public knowledge, and she was just advising, as many people do on the internet. In an interview with The Verge, Campbell even said that “I don’t have all this knowledge about Apple just because I work for Apple. I came to this knowledge because I have a long technical background and history. That’s why they hired me.”

In addition, she questioned Apple’s response, as she found it contrasting with the way the company behaved “in terms of telling people to think differently, innovate and come up with creative solutions”. According to her, it was exactly what she set out to do. Now, she waits for the company to decide, and hopes to continue working there.

Does anyone doubt that it can go bad for her, even more so after this second video? 🤭

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