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THE apple wants new sources of revenue to not depend on sales of handsets. This is nothing new: the company has been investing in services for some time now, and initiatives such as Apple TV+ and Fitness+ were born. The next move promises to be controversial: the company will put more advertisements in your apps.

Apple iPhone SE (2022) (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)
Apple iPhone SE (2022) (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

At the latest investor meeting, Todd Teresi, vice president of ads, said the idea is to significantly expand the business. The area generates US$ 4 billion annually, and the goal is to reach double digits.

Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg specializing in Apple, believes the company will place advertisements on Maps — the ads would appear in search results. Other places that can receive advertising content are the Apple Books and Apple Podcasts homepages.

In all cases, the mechanics would be similar: those who are already present on these platforms pay to appear. Restaurants and stores could advertise on Maps to stay at the top of search, for example. Publishers could hire the service to place their books prominently in the store, and so on.

In the App Store, this already happens: developers can pay for their apps to appear in search. What Apple could do is place advertisements on the pages of each application — in the related programs area, for example.

Even an ad-supported Apple TV+ plan isn’t ruled out.

In addition to the app store, the company also has advertising on the News app (not available in Brazil) and on the Bolsa app.

Apple has already disrupted competitors’ business

Looking for new sources of revenue is part of the entire company’s business, but a greater effort in advertising would be ironic for Apple, to say the least.

In 2021, the company adopted a tool called App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which forced apps to ask if the user agrees to have their device tracked. The move was aimed at increasing the privacy of its products, a point that Apple always exploits in its marketing.

Those who work with advertising, however, were greatly harmed. Giants like Meta lost money: a $10 billion drop in revenue because of the move. Small developers have also felt the impact on their pocketbooks, and advertisers report greater difficulty converting (as the area calls out when the user clicks on the ad).

The situation gets a little worse for Apple because it uses data from other services to target advertisements. It is possible to disable this tracking in the security and privacy options of the device, but information such as operator, device type and what you read continue to be sent to the company.

With information: Bloomberg.

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