Atltico: Turco attributes drop to networks and Brazil is unviable to work

Turkish talked about sa
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Turkish spoke about leaving the Atlantic for the first time

Turkish coach Mohamed attributed the dismissal at Atltico to social media and to the fans’ requests for Cuca to return to the club. The Argentine also criticized the frequent dismissals of a coach in Brazil and said that the country is unviable to work in, compared to other countries.

Antonio Mohamed’s moments in the Atlantic

“Decisions are made by the owners. And when those decisions are made, we have to respect them. We also believe that it was generated a lot by social networks, because they wanted another coach, they wanted Cuca’s return. When the team played badly, it was always the blame it was ours. In that case, the performance of the players was never taken into account. We knew that it was going to be like this, that it was going to be a difficult stage, a moment of transition when the team played badly”, said Turco, in an interview with ESPN this Monday. fair (15).

Antonio ‘El Turco’ Mohamed was announced by Atltico on January 13 and led the club to two conquests: the Supercopa do Brasil, in a clear match against Flamengo, and the Campeonato Mineiro, in a final against Cruzeiro.

There were 45 games this season, with 27 wins, 13 draws and five defeats, almost 70% success. The results, however, did not reflect consistency on the field, and the Argentine was sacked on July 22.

Even with the departure, the 52-year-old coach was full of praise for the Atltico’s structure. In addition, he thanked the people at the club who came to his house to say goodbye.

“The club is at the first level, like the Mexican and European clubs. Like here in Argentina, some clubs are also putting themselves at that level with the building, lunch, breakfast. The truth is that the people of the club behaved 1000% . At 100%. It was 1000%. I wanted to thank you for that. Because they came to my house the week we left, we had food and they came to my house to say goodbye. It was very beautiful, very emotional”, he said.

Turco also criticized the frequent dismissals of technicians in Brazil. The Argentine compared similar situations in another country and mentioned the departure of Marquinhos Santos, ex-America, from Ceará.

“If you’re five points off the lead, it’s expected. In Spain, if Real Madrid are five points away, they say they’re missing a lot. Here they’re five points (from the leader) and it’s like a fiasco. All this pressure falls on the coach. Every week they change two coaches. Every week! This week Cear’s one fell. (And he had a good series against So Paulo in the Copa Sudamericana)”, criticized the coach.

Turkish’s future

The Atlético coach also commented on what he plans for his career. He wants to wait for the World Cup dispute to, in January, take charge of a new club.

“Oh, I’ll wait a little bit. Until December, then the Cup comes, I want to watch the World Cup calmly on TV, sitting down. I’m not going (to Qatar) to watch it. In January, we’ll see. I want to leave (Argentina) again”, he projected.

Asked if he intends to work in Argentina, Uruguay or Brazil, Turco immediately ruled out the last option. The Argentine believes that the country is a ‘hurricane’ and therefore does not intend to return. “Brazil, no! I never say no, but a hurricane. Too much! Too much. Too much!.

Finally, the coach praised the members of Galo’s fixed technical commission. “Brazil, no! I never say no, it’s a hurricane. Too much! Too much. Too much! I’ve already learned, I liked it, but I must publicly thank all the employees who work at the club”, he said.

“To everyone. They are incredible, incredible. The people who work at the club are amazing. All the cooks, der (Aleixo, assistant), Lucas (Gonalves, assistant), Professor Cristiano (Nunes, physical trainer). When we went to sign a contract, one of the conditions (of the board) that he stay. A phenomenon is the guy (referring to Cristiano Nunes). Anyway, everyone who works at the club”, he said.

After Turco’s dismissal, Atltico’s board worked quickly behind the scenes and arranged for Cuca’s return the next day. The coach, who won the Campeonato Mineiro, the Copa do Brasil and the Campeonato Brasileiro in 2021, is in his third spell at the black-and-white club.

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