Check out the real capacity of the new 5th generation internet

Focused on the productivity of companies, 5G did not affect Brazilian homes so much. The domestic use of networks continues to follow the fiber optic standard, although some plans have this technological innovation in their portfolio. However, it seems that people still have doubts about the differences, since 4G meets part of the mobile internet needs.

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While the speed of the old technology reached a maximum of 100 MBPS, internet 5 has a power of 2GBPS. Therefore, the current one is 100 times faster, enhancing downloads and live video transmission. Influencers who work exclusively with the internet can assess whether the service is cost-effective.

The industry has a lot to gain from the increase in 5G internet in Brazil

Among the qualities of 5G are speed in data processing and less instability, ensuring that databases are always up to date. This feasibility is extremely important to generate cutting-edge technology, such as the development of robotics and artificial intelligence. By complementing the Brazilian base, it places the country among the great exporters of knowledge.

Therefore, ensuring that these developments take place makes it possible to develop a more competitive economy. 6G is in the research phase and promises to offer the final consumer the same benefits, raising the quality of the signal, which is still precarious in relation to other countries, either due to coverage or lack of incentive.

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