China resumes military exercises around Taiwan in response to new US visit

Activities will be held the entire time US congressmen are on the island; trip will last two weeks

EFE/EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGOchina and taiwan
China to carry out military activity around Taiwan for two weeks

China announced on Monday, 15, new military exercises around Taiwan. The decision is in response to a two-week visit by five US congressmen. “On August 15, the People’s Liberation Army organized a joint combat readiness patrol and combat exercises at sea and in airspace around Taiwan,” the Chinese army said in a statement. The US delegation, led by Senator Ed Markey, arrived in Taiwan on Sunday and met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday, according to Washington’s diplomatic representation in Taipei. “The delegation had the opportunity to exchange views with Taiwanese colleagues on a wide range of issues of importance to the United States and Taiwan,” he said. That visit comes two weeks after the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited the island. A decision that provoked the ire of Beijing and further strengthened ties between USA and China.

The new exercises constitute “a deterrent against the United States and Taiwan for continuing to play political tricks and undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” Shi Yi, a Chinese army spokesman, said in a statement. “We shouldn’t be afraid to do anything, afraid to let visitors in and afraid to let our friends come, just because we have an evil neighbor next door,” Taiwan Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said. . The lawmakers’ visit, focused on trade, regional security and climate change, according to diplomacy, was not announced in advance. China reacted to Pelosi’s visit with the biggest military exercises in its history around Taiwan: for five days, the army sent warships, missiles and fighter planes, simulating a blockade of the island. The Chinese army “continues to train and prepare for war, resolutely defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely crushing any form of separatism from ‘Taiwan independence’ – an autonomous island that China claims as part of its territory – and attempts at foreign interference,” said Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense. Taiwan’s government accuses Beijing of using Pelosi’s visit as an excuse to launch exercises that would allow it to stage an invasion.

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