Creator of the villain Thanos and the Marvel space universe, Jim Starlin is confirmed at CCXP 22

With great honor, the CCXP 22 announces the presence of Jim Starlin in the heart of CCXPO Artists’ Valleywhich will take place between the days December 1st and 4th. Author of comic books and creator of iconic characters, he has a career that started in the 70s, having already worked at Marvel and DC Comics. The designer is responsible for bringing characters such as Thanos, Drax, Gamora, Shang-Chi, Starfox and Dreadstar to life. In his curriculum, he brings classic sagas such as Batman: Death in the Family, The Death of Captain Marvel, Cosmic Odyssey, Batman: The Messiah and infinite challengethe latter that served as the basis for the first major saga of the Marvel universe in cinemas involving Thanos and the battle for the infinity gauntlet.

Known for space sagas, Starlin’s work was the inspiration for the last films of the Avengers in theaters, centering on Thanos’ cruel plot to decimate half the universe with the iconic Infinity Gauntlet. The confirmation of his presence in the four days of CCXP could not have come at a better time for movie and comic fans. After all, it is expected that in the next film of Guardians of the Galaxy (scheduled for 2023), Marvel will insert even more characters from the cosmic pantheon that Jim has created, including Starfox, the brother of Thanos. Another confirmed presence is Adam Warlock, a character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirbybut which significantly had more memorable personality and stories developed by Starlin.

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Inducted into the Will Eisner Awards Hall of Fame since 2017, the 72-year-old American published his latest work in 2021, the return of his most personal creation: the intergalactic warrior Dreadstar. Starlin joins other famous comic book artists already confirmed for the event as Mark Waid, Marcello Quintanilha, Fabien Toulmé, laert, Julian Totino Tedesco, Ana Koehler and Jim Cheung.

We are very excited to have Jim Starlin at CCXP. It is impossible to think about space sagas and not remember their stories and characters, whose importance and repercussion go beyond comics and invade cinema, series and pop culture as a whole. Fans can expect incredible panels and they can start assembling the pile of classic comics to be autographed by this great name of the world comics that will be in Brazil for the first time.“, it says Ivan Costaco-founder of CCXP and curator of the festival’s comics programming.

THE CCXP 22 will take place from December 1st to December 4th and tickets can be purchased on the festival’s official website. Credentials are still available in the Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Epic and Unlock categories.

* Featured Image Credit: CCXP Disclosure

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