Cruzeirense adopts Atltico as second club in honor of deceased father

Francisco Xavier (left) and F
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Francisco Xavier (left) and Fbio Santana (right): father from Atletico and son from Cruzeiro

This Sunday (14/8), a moving story caught the attention of Minas Gerais fans on social networks. In tears, commercial manager Fbio Santana (34) appears dressed in Cruzeiro’s shirt at an Atltico store. When removing the sky blouse and putting on one of the Rooster, the fan says that, in honor of his late father, Francisco Xavier Ferreira da Silva, he will also support Alvinegro.

Fbio Santana told the story to supersports. “My father managed to unite the fans out of respect. The love of a father and son broke the rivalry”, she emphasized.

Known to his family as “Tio Quim” and to friends as “Chico”, Francisco Xavier was a man of simple origins, with hardworking virtues – just like millions of other Brazilians. In the words of the son, his father was an example of solidarity. “He was always a guy who LOVED to serve, to help. He hated conflict,” he told supersports.

“Everything about him revolved around Rooster, faith (he was very Catholic), community service and everything related to buses and trucks. He’s worked in transportation his whole life,” he added.

photo: reproduction

Chico was a fanatical athletican

Francisco Xavier died at the age of 63 from a sudden illness while driving a road to Uberlndia. In the early hours of last Saturday (13/8), the driver was behind the wheel, and the vehicle ended up leaving the roadway.

“My father had a very hard history. He was born in the countryside of Minas Gerais, worked in the countryside for a long time and, after he got married, came to BH with my mother, a suitcase and willingness to work. bus company. The old Impala. I worked during the night and rested during the day. I also worked on the construction of our house”, Fbio told supersports.

“He got the lot where we lived our whole life through an exchange for a phone line he won in a lottery, at a gas station where he filled the company’s buses. In short, he worked at the company during the night and during the day , worked as a bricklayer on that lot. He lived only in a room with a bathroom, with a dirt floor. All the basic infrastructure was donated (water, energy, etc.)”, he added.

How did the son become Cruzeiro?

Fbio explains that, due to his father’s busy day and his proximity to neighbors and school friends, he ended up developing an affection for Cruzeiro in his humble childhood. At first, Chico regretted the choice of his son, but later he began to better assimilate the situation.

“When I was little, I couldn’t socialize much, because when he came home from work, I went to school. And when I arrived, he was going to work. So, I ended up becoming Cruzeiro by living with friends on the street. and school”, explained Fbio.

“He always regretted that I became Cruzeiro, but when I started to go to the field and accompany Cruzeiro, it was inevitable. There was no way, I loved Cruzeiro too much. Over time, things got better,” he added.

The commercial manager endorsed the strong connection he developed with the celestial club throughout his life. A fanatic from Cruzeir, he even participated in Raposa’s marketing activities.

“I have many outstanding events with Cruzeiro. I played in the first partner-fan championship at Toca, in Leandro Bochecha’s team (Trplice Crown champion with Raposa in 2003). I scored a penalty goal. I went to Dinho Ouro’s dressing room. Black for Cruzeiro in a World Cup game at the FIFA Fan Fest, in Mineiro, in a marketing campaign”, he recalled.

photo: reproduction

Fbio participated in the first fan-scios championship promoted by Cruzeiro

in the
photo: reproduction

In Cruzeiro’s marketing campaign, Fbio met Dinho Ouro Preto, from Capital Inicial

I decide to cheer for Atltico

To supersports, Fbio detailed the tribute to his father. He reinforces that he will not stop rooting for Cruzeiro, but that, from now on, he will also support Galo – with the exception of the classic days between the rivals.

“Because of the rivalry that exists, we always cheer against the rival to make fun of friends, send memes. For example, in Libertadores games, knockout, etc. it’s common to cheer against the rival”, he opined.

“As a tribute to my father, I promised in the video, from that day on, to cheer for Atltico’s victory – with the exception of direct confrontations against Cruzeiro. . In all the games in which the Rooster will play, I will cheer for them in the name of my father”, he scored.

Finally, Fbio highlighted that the affection received from several supporters, given the enormous repercussion of the tribute video, has given comfort to the family in the midst of mourning Francisco’s departure.

“We are still getting used to the absence of the crown here. We are receiving a lot of affection from several fans. This is being very good, helping a lot. Thousands and thousands of messages. I’m sure my father is very happy with all the affection he is receiving. receiving,” said Fbio.

“May this tribute reduce violence in the stadiums and increase tolerance between fans”, he concluded.

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