Cruzeiro: Ronaldo wants focus on Serie B title and seeks award at CBF

Ronaldo Fen
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Ronaldo Fenmeno has been in contact with Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF, in an attempt to secure an award for the Serie B champion club

Back from the holidays in Ibiza, Spain, Ronaldo resumed his weekly live this Monday (15), on Twitch. The majority partner of SAF do Cruzeiro praised the team’s performance in Serie B and stated that the goal is not just to get access, but to be champion. In fact, one of the demands of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) is that the winner of the Second Division receives a cash prize. This amount is not provided for in the competition regulations.

Fenmeno and members of its management have been in contact with Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF, in an attempt to obtain an award for the champion club of Serie B this year. The intention is that this is foreseen in the regulation for future editions.

The Serie B champion, for example, will be guaranteed a place in the third phase of the 2023 Copa do Brasil. But Ronaldo is fighting for the winner of the Second Division to receive the prizes foreseen for the first and second phases of the knockout tournament.

In 2022, CBF distributed BRL 1.27 million for the first phase and BRL 1.5 million for the second phase to the clubs that are part of group 1, in the case of Cruzeiro. For the third phase, the prize was R$ 1.9 million.

Ronaldo pleads that the champion of Serie B win the quotas of the previous phases, even entering directly in the third.

“We’ve been talking to the CBF so that the champion has an extra benefit. In addition to a financial benefit, the direct qualification for the third round of the Copa do Brasil would help. And they would already help, but they don’t offer the equivalent money to these two rounds. So, we understand that we are harmed. We have been discussing, I think we will reach a solution for everyone, because the champion of Serie B has to have a certain benefit, not what the champion of Serie A has , but there has to be something. I think it’s fair”, he said.

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