Customers flee a store in China after being told they would need to comply with a lockdown on site

The country has a zero covid policy that seeks to quickly isolate any case of the disease to mitigate contagion; a person was diagnosed with coronavirus in the establishment

Playback/Twitter/DonnaWongHKChinese escaping the lockdown
China has a zero covid policy to mitigate the spread of the disease

Ikea customers in Shanghai, China, who were at the store on Saturday, the 13th, were taken by surprise while doing their shopping. They were notified that they would need to comply with a lockdown at the establishment due to a person who was there and was diagnosed with Covid-19. Dissatisfied with the news, they began to force their way out of the store so they wouldn’t have to be isolated, informed the BBC. In videos shared on social networks, it is possible to see the moment when everything happens and the scenario of panic that takes over the men, women and children who were at Ikea. Security were called and tried to contain the crowd, but were unable to prevent them from leaving the store and mall in which the establishment is located. The Chinese newspaper Shanghai Daily estimates that approximately 400 people were there. Even if they fled the place, everyone who was there will need to be isolated for at least two days and being closely watched for five. The isolation of people is part of a zero covid policy adopted by China, a measure that seeks to quickly isolate any case of the disease to mitigate contagion, as well as isolating all close contacts and even entire regions.

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