defense accuses invasion of PM’s cell phone and asks for it back

The defense of PM Lieutenant Henrique Velozo, who shot and killed jiu-jitsu fighter Leandro Lo, said today that the police officer’s cell phone was illegally accessed and his Instagram account was reactivated against his will. The device was handed over to São Paulo Civil Police investigators on Sunday (8), the day after the crime, when Velozo was arrested.

Lawyer Claudio Dalledone asked the judge in the case that the cell phone be returned to the police officer’s family because the equipment is “being illegally accessed, modified and snooped around,” the defender said in the petition. Yesterday, Velozo’s Instagram profile, which had been deactivated, became active again, which angered the fighter’s family.

According to the defense of the policeman, who is still in prison, access to the account takes place through two-step verification, in which the social network asks for a code sent by SMS. The profile could only be accessed by those who hold the device’s chip, which is under the custody of the Civil Police.

Sought to comment on the case, the Civil Police advisory had not commented until the publication of the report.

“Police officer Velozo’s Instagram account has been illegally hacked and modified,” Dalledone said in a press release. “The account, which until then was closed, was illegally opened and publicized to everyone and everything. Velozo has double authentication factor, that is, to modify any detail in your social network, you must have your phone and the registered chip ( both were handed over to the police authority)”, said the lawyer.

“Even if there is eventually a judicial authorization for the extraction of data contained in the device, it is important to say that this authorization is not a safe conduct to do what you want. Data extraction, as the name implies, is pure extraction and reliable of the content contained in the device. The modification and clandestine alteration of the data is prohibited, under penalty, including the imputation of the crime of procedural fraud.”

In the early hours of Saturday (7) to Sunday, the policeman got involved in a fight with the fighter Leandro Lo, world champion of jiu-jitsu, during a pagode show in the south of São Paulo. The PM, who was off duty, but armed, shot the athlete in the head. According to his defense, Velozo acted in self-defense when he found himself surrounded by Leandro and his friends.

According to witnesses, however, the policeman provoked the fighter by lifting a bottle of drink near the table where he was with friends. After Leandro’s death, the policeman was filmed in a brothel and spent Sunday in a motel, before being arrested. The 16th Police Station is investigating the case.

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