Dog hides in room and tutor challenges internet users to find pet in photo

Urging netizens to find his pet, on August 10, American Duff E Duffington, who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, shared a photo of his dog in a Facebook group. It’s up to the community to find him.

Optical illusion games are one of the most sought after by internet users. The fact of challenging yourself to look for something among so many others, captivates people. That’s because both the eyes and the brain need to work together to get a result.

This type of testing is very beneficial as it helps the human to think more efficiently and solve problems more easily. And of course, in the test launched by Duff, there was no shortage of people to participate and find the dog.

Your dog is a chihuahua mix. Don’t doubt it, he’s in this picture! You just have to look for it thoroughly.

In the photo, you can see that the place is a children’s room, on the bed there are several covers and some teddy bears. Leaning against the furniture and walls, there are more stuffed animals, among them: a unicorn, a bear, avocados, a rabbit, two dalmatians (but I’ll say that these aren’t) and others. Believe me, the mascot is hidden in this image.

Prepared? I will issue the challenge. Oh, and don’t forget to time it to see how you performed. So there you go. One, two, three, it counts!

Click on the photo to enlarge it:

So, did you get it? If yes, great! If not, I’ll give you a little help. First, she zooms in and then looks to the center left, just below the slightly purple blanket. Between this blanket and the skull blanket, a little to the right of the unicorn, you’ll find it.

Now it’s easy, right? Well, if you still can’t, I’ll give you the answer.


It’s just a little nose sticking out of the blanket!

Did you want more? I have some more challenges for you. Check out:

1. Somewhere in this room is a dog hiding. Swear!

2. This pet likes a night walk. And somewhere along that path he’s hidden.

3. In the middle of the forest there is a dog.

4. The doggo is very well camouflaged in this image.


1. He is in the reflection of the door.

2. Did you find it? This one was easy! He is in the lower left corner of the photo.

3. Look at the naughty peeing over there!

4. He’s right there at the end of the ramp.

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