Dog missing for two months rescued from cave in US

“He didn’t look like he was hurt, but he was really malnourished, he was skin and bones,” said one of the men who found him.

A small group of cavers rescued a dog that was trapped in a cave nearly two months after the animal disappeared from home in the US state of Missouri.

Abby, 13, was discovered on August 6 by the group as they were exploring passages through the Berome Moore cave system. Firefighters were also called to help.

Professor and recreational speleologist Rick Haley, 66, said on his Facebook page that the animal was “not in good shape” but could move its head and body.

“I opened the suitcase and put on a blanket. At that moment, the dog approached the suitcase, it was the driest, warmest and softest object the animal had seen in a long time,” Haley explained to CNN International. “He didn’t look like he was hurt, but he was really malnourished, he was skin and bones,” she said.

A lengthy rescue operation followed to save Abby, and at that point, another cavers tried to find the dog’s family, who believed they had lost him forever since his disappearance in early June.

“It’s getting back to what it was, little by little. It hasn’t barked yet, I don’t think it has the energy for it,” said Rachel Bonner, daughter of Jeff and Kathy Bonner. Speleologist Haley told CNN that he believes Abby may have fallen while chasing another animal, eventually sinking into Missouri’s second-largest cave system.

Haley said it was “a good feeling” to be part of the rescue, adding that surely any of her colleagues would have done the same.

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