End of an era? Apple’s 5W charger is unavailable in some stores around the world

The charger with a capacity of 5W supplied by Apple accompanied several models of Apple until the iPhone 11, line in which the company switched to the accessory of 18W. However, the devices of this series were the last to have the component in the box, as it was later removed, a controversial decision that even other companies came to join later.

Still, it is possible to buy the charger separately in the manufacturer’s official stores, or at least it was possible. After all, you can no longer find this item for purchase in some countries, a fact that was reported by a Japanese blog. According to him, there is no availability for the product on the Japanese Apple Online Store.

  • Germany;

  • Australia;

  • Italy;

  • New Zealand;

  • France;

  • Portugal;

  • Spain;

  • China.

These are some other countries where the situation is the same, 5W chargers are not available. In the US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Ireland and Brazil, the product can still be purchased. In the Brazilian store, the user can purchase a new charger for the price of R$191.

This could be an indication that the accessory will be retired, as there are no signs that there will be restocking for the charger in the countries where it is out of stock.

Currently, more and more powerful chargers appear on the market. For example, Xiaomi may launch a 200W soon, as has already been reported here and Apple itself had a 35W charger approved by Anatel in June, with two USB-C ports. As for Apple’s 5W models, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any updates on restocking or confirmation of the accessory’s retirement.

(Updated Aug 15, 2022 at 10:22 PM)

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